24 hour extreme glow up challenge: How to glow up and be beautiful ✨

What is glow-up? 

Glow up is when you are happier inside out. Glow up is 'me time' filled with taking care of yourself and having  a perfect beauty routine.

Keeping your body as well as mental health, healthy is what you glow up, so now you all know what is glow up, so here are some tips on how to glow up in 24 hours or glow up overnight,  in the last I also share a really amazing glow up checklist so you can remember everything in your glow up routine, so let's see how you can get extreme glow up in 24 hours with simple and effective tips.

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1) skincare: Good skin care is important in our daily lifestyle, it helps our skin to look its best and make us feel good, effective skincare routine is very important we have to do our skincare according to our skin type and what our skin needs and always remember less is more, you can simply do CTM (cleansing toning moisturizing) routine if you want simple effective and less time taking skincare in your busy lifestyle. Always keep your skincare simple don't go for tons of products or if someone is using that products and getting results so you also started using same skincare products, if you are doing so, stop it right now, you need to know every skin type is different and every skin needs different products according to skin types and skin problems so first know your skin type and skin problem then choose right products and start your effective skincare routine for glow up. 

2) hydrate: keeping your body hydrated is very important drinking 6- 8 glasses of water helps our body in proper functioning, helps in weight loss, keeps our skin and hair hydrated, and gave us energy throughout the day, and helps in proper brain functioning, drinking right amount of water daily will flush out toxins from your body it helps to get rid of skin problems make your skin clear give natural glow to skin drinking right amount of water is the first step to get healthy glowing skin so don't forget to stay hydrated all day. 

3) Get a sun: Sunlight has a lot of benefits for our body soaking in early morning sun helps us to improve our sleep, reduce stress, maintain strong bones helps keep the weight off, fight off depression, and can give you a longer life so soak early morning sun for 10 minutes this will keep you energetic all day. 

4) yoga:  we just don't want to glow up from outside, inside glow up is also important to glow up perfectly so do yoga daily it improve strength flexibility and helps body to relax, yoga reduces our stress help in mental and physical wellness, improves mood, and makes us feel happier doing yoga will give you inner peace and you will going to glow differently from inside out. 

5) clean and healthy diet: if you take a healthy diet your body will stay fit try to add bright colors fruits and vegetables to your diet this will help you to lose weight, its good for the heart health and of course its good for your skin and hair your skin will start looking healthier and you gonna love it. 

6) break from social media: taking a break from social media is good for your mental health it will protect your privacy you can distance yourself from negative vibes which are causing stress to your life. taking a break from social media, one time in a month is a good decision, your mental health will thank you. 

7) turmeric milk before bed: Drinking turmeric milk at night before bed will help you sleep better and helps with good sleep.

8) one line a day: always write good things which happen with you in a day this will improve your mood, relief stress and you will going to be grateful for every small things in your life and this will make you stress free and happier, I always write one line before going to bed, this makes me happy and grateful.

I use one line a day diary  which is amazing which I found online you only have to write one line before going to bed, which you are grateful for, or a good thing which happens with you in a day if you want you can check it out here

8) eight hours of beauty sleep: eight hours of sleep is important in our stressful lifestyle it boosts our immune system, eight hours of sleep can boost our productivity it prevents dark circles and wakes us up in the morning in a fresh and good mood. We think eight hour of sleep we already take, but what does eight hours of beauty sleep means it means you need to get quality sleep not just 8 hour of sleep, quality sleep is what when you are not waking up frequently in your sleep cycle and getting a good sleep so if you want to get quality sleep avoid using mobile 1 hour before going to bed this will help you to sleep better and wakes you up fresh. 

9) extreme glow up checklist :
• drink lots of water 
• have a calming night routine
• go to the spa at least once a month 
• eat less sugar
• do nail art 
• workout
• get your beauty sleep 
• eat lots of fruits 
• drink green tea
• do yoga in the morning 
• don't eat after 9 pm it's bad for your health. 
love yourself, your flaws make you unique. 
• Be grateful for whatever you have
• stay happy this will make you glow differently 

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Hope I help you guys in extreme glow up love yourself and stay happy and trust me you will glow differently from inside and outside enjoy your glow up ✨

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