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3 glow drink glasses for healthy glow

It's time to focus on your inner health we all do many things for our skin and apply many products but did you ever think, why these products are not working well? We all focus on our skin but we  neglect our inner health if we eat junk food it will affect our skin because what we eat reflects on skin
So do not worry here are my recipes to achieve glowing healthy skin and this drink will also help you in weight loss so let's see what's that magic glow drink recipe.

1) lemon juice

starting your morning with a glass of lemon juice is a great idea, lemon juice detox our body and give glowing healthy skin here's how to make it:

1) take warm water in a glass.
2) add half lemon to it.
3)add crushed mint according to your taste. ( mint is optional) 
4) mix it well. 

Yaa our super healthy juice is ready, drink this juice in the morning before having your breakfast it promotes hydration, give vitamin c to your body which is a very important vitamin for our skin it will improve your skin quality, vitamin c protect our skin from harmful sun rays and also help you in weight loss.

2) beetroot juice: 

as we all know beetroot has bright color and it looks so attractive but many people avoid it because of its distinctive taste if you don't like beetroot you should know beetroot has been gaining amazing popularity as the new superfood.
 here how to make this juice :

1) take a beetroot 
2) chop it into small pieces 
3) add 1 cup of water to it 
4) blend it and squeeze half lemon in it and stir it well.
5) serve it in the glass and drink it immediately.

Beetroot juice helps to achieve glowing rosy cheeks its helps in anti-aging, acne treatment, skin brightening it is packed with antioxidants and gives flawless skin.

3)coconut water: 

 Well, coconut water is not just a drink to give you a soothing and relaxing feeling on your holiday but it is the healthiest natural drink which is rich in nutrients, drinking coconut water daily will hydrate our body, skin, and hair and it helps to get clear glowing skin its has anti-aging properties and nourish our skin. 

So yaa, this was all recipe to glowing healthy skin, drink it daily, and have gorgeous flawless skin. 

Pro tips:

1} try to eat less sugar it affects our skin health

2} eat less oily food it causes acne and dullness on the face. 

3} eat less salt, salt causes puffy eyes which we don't want. 

4} you can eat everything, but try to eat junk food in less amount. 

Hope you guys like my recipe for glowing skin. ❤

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